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File Submitted - Consolidation Rejected

TitanPrep Inc

Jan 5, 2023

Urgent Update Regarding your Consolidation Application

This is an official notice from {company_legal_name} to inform you that there has been an update regarding your application.  

Unfortunately, your federal student loan consolidation application has been rejected by your servicer. For more information, please contact your Assigned Case Specialist and/or Customer Service immediately to ensure that all issues are rectified quickly, and your case is not negatively impacted by this delay. Thank you for your prompt response. We look forward to speaking with you and resolving this delay in your process quickly. 

Important Note: Please check your Client Portal weekly for processing updates, program information, and to learn what potential issues have occurred regarding your case. This new Client Portal feature will increasingly be our main source of communication to you moving forward.  


(Don’t have a Client Portal yet? Please REPLY to this email and we will email you important login information) 


Best regards, 

The TitanPrep Team 

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