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You previously received an email informing you that your case file has been transferred from your previous enrollment company to TitanPrep for continued services. 


TitanPrep has received your account to continue services.  


During the pause there have been numerous federal student loan program and servicer changes which have posed challenges to the Education Department and their federally appointed loan servicers. 


  • The CFPB, a federal consumer watchdog says millions of student-loan borrowers had their debt transferred to new companies over the past few years due to servicer contract expirations, causing payment errors for "hundreds of thousands of accounts." Significant errors occurred on borrowers' balances and records from those transfers. Many borrowers even received erroneous bills and faulty payment tracking.  


  • Politico reported that nearly 5 million student loan borrowers who received a break on their monthly payments from Congress under the economic rescue law have had inaccurate credit reports that lowered their credit scores due to servicer reporting errors.   


It is now more important than ever to review and monitor your NSLDS records during this time.   



Speak with a Case Manager today at 657-204-6797 



Recent Industry Updates  


Since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, numerous updates, regulation changes and additional benefits have been announced. PSLF and IDR program revisions are currently being rolled out as well as changes for Bankruptcy Discharge, Borrowers Defense and Total Permanent Disability legal rulings.   


The Biden Administration has now extended the payment pause through June 30, 2023 to allow the legal process regarding his forgiveness initiative to be resolved by the Supreme Court. You will be receiving more information in your email shortly and we will continue to monitor and update you regarding the court’s decision.  

Many of these changes have been in response to complaints regarding servicer conduct or to address recurring challenges in the programs being offered.  



Next Steps:  


It has been a while since your account has been reviewed regarding recent updates which is why we are reaching out. We recommend reviewing your current situation to determine the best program in these uncertain times.  


Whether you have spoken with your servicer or not, we encourage you to schedule a call with a TitanPrep expert Case Manager at 657-204-6797 today to learn and understand every option available, including new discharge opportunities, and how to manage your account properly on your own.   


How to Contact Us:  

Important Note: 

Please check your Client Portal  weekly for processing updates, program information, and to learn what potential issues have occurred on your case.


** ** This new Client Portal feature will increasingly be our main source of communication to you moving forward.  (Don’t have a Client Portal yet? Please contact us and we will email you important login information) 

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