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We offer our expertise in providing personalized solutions for all of your loan servicer document preparation needs. We prepare, submit, and help establish convenient resolutions with your service providers based on their criteria. Our guaranteed support, management, preparation, and submission makes virtually any endeavor easy and straightforward.



We accurately collect all pertinent information provided by our client to prepare applications, including the required supporting documentation or loan paperwork, required for submission. All applications are securely reviewed and signed by client. The client then has the option to have TitanPrep submit the documents on their behalf or assist the client to securely submit the documents on their own. Documents we can assist in preparing include: Consolidations, recertification's, tax preparation, incorporation (LLC, sole proprietor, etc.) and Authorization forms. 

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Our Monitoring service includes Client Portal access, full data monitoring and tracking services on any legal or federal database, where reporting errors can occur. Email correspondence and document storage are also included. With your authorization, we communicate on your behalf with your loan servicer and conduct 3rd party servicer follow up. We then review and update all recorded information to ensure reporting accuracy. Any errors discovered by the TitanPrep team are immediately reported to the client and corrected. Our streamlined process will make your case simple and stress-free, with easy step-by step-guidance to achieve fast results.  


Our client portal maintains all loan data records, including your repayment program choice for each year. It also stores all text messages and email correspondence sent and received by TitanPrep staff with the client, or client’s loan servicer. The TitanPrep exclusive client portal gives you real-time accountability for all stages of processing 

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We have a competitive edge on other businesses in the same industry. We can offer affordable pricing on our services from a combined use of software based guidance and industry expertise. 


We listen to our client’s specific needs, evaluate their goals and then educate and guide them based on their objective. We allow clients to determine which options best serve their financial goals. 


We assist partner companies to manage their portfolios and customer base utilizing the full suite of services offered by TitanPrep.


Exceptional phone and email customer service pertaining to your client file. We utilize technology to help assist the volume of questions and concerns by guiding them through their client portal for updates and faqs available 24/7. 

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Karen R.

This five star rating is particularly for my rep Benrey. He did an outstanding job in navigating me through the student gov site and was very professional!!

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Naomi P. 

They have helped me every year recertify my student loans to a monthly fee I can actually afford, thank you!

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Delilah R.

Very patient agents. I trust them completely with my personal info. I am glade I made the choice to pay for this service – 5th year of service.


Disclaimer: We are not and do not claim to be affiliated with the following: any local, state or federal government agencies; Department of Education; or any student loan servicers, lenders or providers. We are not a lender, and we are not a legal advice service. We're an independent preparer and storage hub of documents as well as forms to assist debtors with the necessary paperwork needed to complete the required process. 

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